Smite celebrates doomsday with Mayan God character

Hi-Rez Studios issued a new patch today that adds a Mayan God, holiday skins, and various other improvements.


As you read this from your festively decorated apocalypse bunker, a creeping sense of doubt may be washing over you. The world hasn't ended yet, which makes all that time you spent canning beans and storing your urine in jars seem pointless. But at least one company has found a way to mend your disappointment over not seeing the world purged in fire by the Ancient and Unspeakable Ones. Hi-Rez Studios is celebrating the continued existence of humanity with a new character in Smite.

The free-to-play MOBA adds the Mayan god Xbalanque, the Hidden Jaguar Sun today, along with holiday skins for "Jingle Hel" and "Father Chrishmash" Bacchus. Nothing says holiday cheer like dressing the god of drunken parties like jolly old St. Nick. Other inclusions in this patch include a new Joust map and art treatment, a queue for 1v1, a Match of the Day mode, UI and item store improvements, and various other usability tweaks. Check out the trailer below to see Xbalanque in action.

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