Late Night Computing: December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012 is over as of Late Night Computing, with only two more days and you can celebrate the weekend!


December 19, 2012 is over as of Late Night Computing, with only two more days and you can celebrate the weekend!

Hey, you. Yes, you. Today is December 19, meaning you have extremely little time to finish your shopping before you get eggnog tossed in your face. Not to mention the numerous sales sure to happen over the weekend. You know the one's I'm talking about, where you take a trip down guilty lane and buy a bunch of games you'll never play. But hey, 'tis the season!

News bits:

  • Expecting a relative or friend to give you a horrible tech gift this year? Tom's Hardware does a run down of every major electronics retailer and their return policies. [via Tom's Hardware]

  • Total Biscuit gives his succinct opinion on the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook with a focus on the media's scrutiny of video games. [via Youtube]

  • Recipes inspired by famous chefs tend to be less healthy than microwavable meals. You don't say. [via The Guardian]

  • Prepare to pack on the weight as the holiday season draws near with a quick profile of the food craving. Who cares, pass the butter. [via BBC]

  • Twitter releases the long awaited free tool to download all of your previous posts. [via Wired]

Chatty posts of the moment.

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  • "Another Late-to-the-Party Skyrim Thread. Fun game so far. I was riding a horse for the first time, going up to Winterhold to see if the mage college will let me in and sell me some badass spells, and I came across a random guy walking down the road. At this point I'm cantering down a snow-covered road with cliffs up to my left and a steep drop to the right, fairly close to the town...." [by Caboose]

  • "A few Shackers and I have decided to get together and make a giant space station in the game Kerbal Space Program. We were inspired by this video, where the SA Goons made their own space station." [by TroZ]

Nightly file.

  • Uplink 1.0 for Black Mesa. "Black Mesa: Uplink is the recreation of the Half-Life demo (HL: Uplink) released by Valve in early 1999. The demo featured content that was scrapped from the original storyline. Some might consider it canon with the story, others don't. What matters though, is that many people enjoyed this short episode and that's the reason Uplink for Black Mesa, the long awaited Half-Life remake for the Source Engine was created." Download the demo here.


Sleeping Dogs Zodiac Tournament trailer:

Get in early on the Zodiac Tournament with new downloadable content for Sleeping Dogs.

Trials Evolution launches the Riders of Doom pack onto Xbox Live Arcade in a new trailer, Crusader Kings II gets involved with its Republic expansion with a developer diary, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate celebrates the holiday season with a new trailer, and Neverwinter reveals the Trickster Rogue class with a new trailer.

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