EVE Online 'Retribution' expansion emphasizes bounty hunting

EVE Online has released its latest expansion, titled "Retribution," with an emphasis on the new bounty hunting system.


EVE Online developer CCP has released its latest expansion, titled "Retribution." The large patch is available starting today, and offers a long list of bug fixes, balance changes, and new features.

The focus of the expansion is Bounty Hunting, as it introduces a new system for putting a price on the heads of your enemies. The patch notes detail just how the new bounties work. You can place a bounty on any other player character, or on corporations and alliances. The minimum bounty for a player is 100,000 of the in-game currency ISK, 20 million for corporations, and 100 million for alliances. Your payout will be based on damage inflicted. It also adds a bounty office, five new ships, and revises the crimewatch system.

The patch squashes user interface bugs, potential crashes, and more. Check out the full patch list for all the minutiae, and check out the launch trailer to get a feel for the tone.

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