Halo 4 'Crimson' map pack coming December 10 with new mode

343 Industries detailed the upcoming "Crimson" map pack for Halo 4, which includes three new maps and a new game type.


343 Industries keeps rolling along with the cooperative Spartan Ops episodes in Halo 4, but those hungry for a refresh to the competitive multiplayer experience can now mark their calendars for December 10. That's the date that the first of three announced map packs will drop, bringing with it three new arenas and a new game type.

As previously announced, the maps are titled Wreckage, Harvest, and Shatter. Wreckage is a mid-sized asymmetrical map with lots of odd angles and cover. Harvest is a smaller map, ideal for Capture the Flag, with large exterior pathways for vehicles and sniper fire. Shatter takes place in a large mine, mixing outdoor vehicle-rich environments and indoor close-quarters firefights. 343 suggests it's best for the Dominion mode, along with the new game type titled Extraction.

Extraction is a 5v5, objective-based game type that has opposing teams moving to different map positions, placing a beacon, and then protecting the area during the extraction process. A point goes to the team for completing the extraction, or to the opposing team for successfully overtaking it. First to five points wins.

The map pack will be $10 (800 MSP), or can be bought as part of the "War Games" map pass for $24.99. The pass will grant you the other map sets, Majestic and Castle, when they drop in February and April, respectively.

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