Late Night Computing: November 26, 2012

Welcome back to the fold, pilot. Late Night Computing for November 26, 2012 has a Thanksgiving hangover.


Welcome back to the fold, pilot. Late Night Computing for November 26, 2012 has a Thanksgiving hangover.

How did your Thanksgiving go, Shackers? Mine went well enough, filled with the echoes of assassinations taking place as I progressed through Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. But then a Mark of the Ninja sale caught my eye, and off the track I went. Maybe I'll get back to Ezio and the brotherhood this week sometime after I finish this side-scrolling goodness. It's amazing to me how many superb non-blockbuster games were released this year.

News bits.

  • Take a 25-minute video tour of the International Space Station with the outgoing commander. [via NASA Television]

  • What does a failed assassination toolbox look like? Just a few pens made in North Korea, of course. [via CNN]

  • PSY's 'Gangnam Style' is officially announced as the most-watched Youtube video of all-time with over 800 million views. [via Youtube Trends]

  • A look at the US Air Force X-37B, a 'secret' space plane currently running test phases. [via BBC Future]

  • An enormous comet may have just missed the Earth in 1883, which would have devastated human life our tiny little planet. [via MIT Technology Review]

Chatty posts of the moment.

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  • "So I was in a Wii U induced haze for most of last week, with some Turkey in there or something and wasn't on here. What was the overall shack verdict so far? I basically got all multiplayer games (NSMB:U, NintendoLand, and Tank Tank Tank) because I knew that at least for the first month or so I'd be playing a lot more local multi-player than normal given the kinds of holiday parties I end up going to. TL;DR Wii U, it's fun I think how 'bout you?" [by one random winner]

  • "PS Vita. Those of you that one one, how do you like it? I've been playing more games on my iPhone and iPad lately due to time constraints, so I was wondering if it's worth getting a Vita. I wouldn't need it for browsing or anything like that, just gaming." [by prime8]

Nightly file.

  • Teleglitch demo 1.0. "Teleglitch is a roguelike top-down shooter with pixel graphics. The game takes place in procedurally generated military research & training complex that has a different map every time you play. Our mission is to give players like you a chance to walk in the dark corridors, gripping their gun and few last rounds of ammunition. To play with finger on the trigger, high on adrenaline. The free demo gives you a good, rich taste of Teleglitch and the first four levels of the game. Expect hungry monsters and exploding microchipped brains while the dark secrets of military corporations will begin begin to unfold. Expect old school/retro in the best possible meaning of the word." Download the demo for Windows.


Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 gameplay teaser trailer:

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 pokes its head out from the shadows just long enough for you to catch a glimpse of some new gameplay footage.

We also have a few new screenshots for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition that blew up over Thanksgiving.

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