Vita firmware 2.00 adds e-mail client, wireless content transfers

The PlayStation Vita will update to firmware version 2.0 next week, and Sony has detailed the new features we can expect.


Next week is a big one for the PS Vita. Aside from PlayStation Plus being added to Sony's handheld, the device will also be updated to version 2.0. Whole numbers tend to pack the biggest changes, and this one is no exception.

The firmware update will add e-mail functionality for Gmail and Yahoo users. You'll also be able to wirelessly transfer content between the Vita and PC. When playing PSone games, players will be able to assign controller buttons to the touchscreen, rear touch pad, and buttons with "select games." There will also be a "custom screen mode option for flexible screen size adjustment" on select PSone games.

The browser has also been updated, with improved HTML 5 and Java support. The update will be live on November 19th.


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