Biden wins VP debate on Xbox Live

Current vice president Joe Biden won last night's VP debate, according to Xbox Live poll respondents.


Last week, the Xbox Live debate polls unsurprisingly backed up the common impression that Republican candidate Mitt Romney won the first debate against President Barack Obama. This week's vice-presidential debate between current VP Joe Biden and contender Paul Ryan has pundits and politicos more divided on the outcome, but Biden came away the clear winner among Xbox Live users.

While the winner was split sharply along party lines, undecided voters gave the win to Biden at 44.1% to 22.9% for Ryan. According to Major Nelson, those who strongly support a third-party candidate called Biden the winner by a 52.6% to 26.4% margin.

Both the undecided and third-party voters also viewed Biden as more truthful, by a split of roughly 72-27 in both groups. 53.7% of undecided voters thought Biden is better prepared to step into the presidency if necessary, as opposed to only 21% for Ryan. One question not necessarily related to declaring a winner came up when the candidates were asked about their religion, and 70.1% of voters say they do not consider religion as a factor when deciding on their vote.

Microsoft brags that these were culled among 800,000 individual responses to questions, with more than 30,000 responses to each of the questions. The election hub will also be adding content from BBC and Comedy Central soon, so you can see what our friends across the pond think of our politics or just watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report mock them.

The next debate is scheduled for Tuesday, October 16. It will be a town-hall style debate on domestic and foreign policy. The final debate, on foreign policy alone, will be held October 22. Hopefully you've watched at least one of them on Xbox Live, because you need to see at least three for your free Avatar armor.

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