Simpsons iOS game gets 'Treehouse of Horror' update

The Simpsons: Tapped Out has received an update themed after the show's Treehouse of Horror episodes.


The free-to-play iOS game Simpsons: Tapped Out has gotten an update to ring in the Halloween season themed after the show's Treehouse of Horror episodes. It adds new game modes, characters, buildings, and decorations, along with trivia about the upcoming Halloween episode.

The game revolves around building your own Springfield after an explosion empties the town, so naturally this update brings a host of new Halloween-themed items for your town. You can build the Springfield Cemetery, the Heck House, or the House of Evil from various Treehouse episodes, and occupy your town with Devil Flanders, Marge the Witch, and Kang the alien. A UFO also hovers about the town, so you can build a giant space laser to shoot it down. Plus, zombies will be walking around Springfield, so you'll have to squish them before they get to your other townsfolk.

You can collect artifacts to unlock trivia questions about this Sunday's episode, and then watch the episode to answer questions to complete an in-game quest about the Mayan calendar. The update is available now.

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