Shack PSA: Saints Row 3 gets free weekend

Saints Row: The Third is getting a free weekend on Steam, along with a hefty discount for purchase.


If you have not yet experienced the out-and-out insanity that is Saints Row: The Third, pay attention. Steam is offering a free weekend of the game, along with a pretty hefty discount to grab the title if it wins you over with its wily charms. Which, if you have a sense of humor, it almost certainly will.

Steam announced that the free weekend lasts until Sunday at 1 PM Pacific. You can also get the game for 66% off, which brings it down to a tidy $13.59. Of course, if you just spent a sleepless night or two you could probably finish it during the free period.

The game earned an Honorable Mention from us last year, and went on to give THQ a boost when it was in some dire straits. A sequel is due next year, which will include the planned "Enter the Dominatrix" expansion that was set for this title.

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