RaiderZ open beta due in October, Founder's Packs now on sale

RaiderZ has announced an open beta for October 24, and the sale of Founder's Packs in two tiers available now.


MMO publisher Perfect World announced today that RaiderZ will begin its open beta on October 24. On top of that, the company has started selling Founder's Packs so you can buy your way into the test with a few extras to boot.

The Founder's Packs come in two tiers: Basic and Elite. The Basic model costs $9.99, and includes a Scroll of Heroes, Guardian's Life Stone, and Breath of Artisan item. Those items together would cost around $20, for a savings of 50%. The Elite edition includes the scroll and life stone, along with a Black Arrod Mount, Costume Potion, Cat Head Band, and guaranteed access into Perfect World's other upcoming MMO, Neverwinter. Those would cost $60 on the game market and the Founder's Pack costs $29.99, again for a savings of 50%.

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