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Crysis 3's stealthy Hunter mode in pictures

A new batch of screenshots for Crysis 3 show off the upcoming Hunter-mode multiplayer. Two hunters against 14 CELL troopers just doesn't seem fair.

A fresh new batch of Crysis 3 screenshots are out showing just a bit more of the Hunter-mode multiplayer coming for the game, pitting two nanosuited hunters against 14 CELL troopers. It just doesn't seem like a fair fight. The new images show off an overgrown museum environment and a lush dome setting. The others show a group of hunters stalking those doomed troopers. If the screens aren't enough, then check out the previously released video showing the mode in action. EA also released a "less stealth, more bow" trailer that you can see below. Crysis 3 is set to unleash your inner hunter sometime in February.

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