Insomniac's Fuse may be a reworked Overstrike

Insomniac's Overstrike has reportedly been redubbed Fuse, the game co-founder Ted Price mentioned during his PAX 2012 keynote.


Insomniac's Overstrike has reportedly been renamed and retooled, with a fresh debut impending in just over a week. Company co-founder Ted Price announced a project named "Fuse" at his PAX 2012 keynote address, and one source pegs that name with the project revealed last year at E3.

GameInformer reports that Insomniac has been readjusting Overstrike since its debut, and has renamed it Fuse. The report doesn't mention a source, but it seems confident. Shacknews has contacted Insomniac and will update as more information becomes available.

In the meantime, the company has tweeted a screenshot (above), and is currently running a countdown clock on the official site. The clock is counting down to September 12, so we're sure to see more details on the game then.

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