Angry Birds partners with Philadelphia Eagles

Angry Birds is partnering with the Philadelphia Eagles football team to offer a new themed stage each week during the football season.


You may have noticed that Angry Birds is everywhere. Clothing, school supplies, Halloween costumes, television--the gang at Rovio certainly know how to get eyes on their creations. So as we collectively get ready for some football, it should come as no surprise that the franchise has found a way to wedge itself in that past-time too: a partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Eagles are birds, you see, and the video game doesn't have a "Raven" or "Seahawk" power-up. So the Eagles Facebook page (via Joystiq) has teased a team-themed Angry Birds game to be playable on the Facebook page itself. It will launch on September 4 and release a new level each week, for a total of 16 in the football season.

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