Molyneux's 'Cooperation' will be 'the biggest cooperative effort the world has ever known'

Peter Molyneux has shared some details on his next 22Cans experiment, named Cooperation.


Peter Molyneux is using his new studio, 22Cans, to explore his infamous flights of fancy in game design. The first such experiment is the iPhone game Curiosity: What's in the Box, which will let users join in a global effort to unwrap a giant package, one layer at a time. Only one user will get to see what was in the box, and it will be up to that person to spread the word. Molyneux is expecting 21 more to follow, and he already has the second one in the works.

Polygon reports that the second game will be "Cooperation." He didn't give many details, other than to call it "the biggest cooperative effort the world has ever known," in contrast to Curiosity being focused on a singular mystery. All the same, he did note that the game will have some competitive elements, and drew a parallel with the classic game Tug of War.

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