Trophy support coming to PlayStation Mobile

Super Crate Box developer Rami Ismail says that Sony is planning to add Trophy and leaderboard support to PlayStation Mobile.


Yesterday at Gamescom 2012, Sony further detailed PlayStation Mobile, Sony's plan to bring the PlayStation Network to Android devices. Developer Vlambeer is developing Super Crate Box for the platform, and has shared some insights on what's coming. Namely, Trophy and leaderboard support.

"Sony has assured us that [the PS Mobile SDK] will, at some point, have trophies and leaderboards," Vlambeer's Rami Ismail told Polygon. "So the first version of Super Crate Box will just be a port of the PC version, the same thing that we did with iOS."

Ismail didn't share details on when the Trophy support should hit, but he did note that the SDK is "surprisingly solid" and inviting since it works on the full range of Sony devices and HTC phones. "We know that, on those phones, it will work perfectly," he said. "And on the Vita, which is amazing."

Microsoft allows Xbox Live gamers to earn Achievements for games played on Windows Phone. Later this year, PlayStation Network folk can pick up trophies on select Android devices. And, it appears quite a lot of publishers on board to support Sony's new cross-platform initiative.

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