007 Legends pre-order bonuses let you play dress-up

007 Legends is getting two retailer-exclusive pre-order bonus packs -- one which includes villain skins for multiplayer, and the other which includes a Bond skin, a weapon, and a perk.


Agent 007 is known for being a snappy dresser, with various tuxes that inevitably become grazed by bullets. Activision Blizzard announced today that in 007 Legends, two retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses will let you don the dapper James Bond suit or imitate one of his less attractive enemies.

GameStop is offering the "007 Pack," which will let you dress as Bond in the multiplayer mode, complete with his Walther PPK pistol. This will also get you early access to the Fast Switch gadget, which halves the time it takes to swap weapons. Amazon gets the "Nemesis Pack," which lets you use multiplayer skins to look like Jaws or Baron Samedi. Neither of those skins include special abilities, but you might get some advantage from looking like a gigantic monster of a man or a voodoo priest in skeleton face paint.

007 Legends touches on five Bond films throughout the franchise history, with the likeness of current Bond, Daniel Craig, taking the lead role. We know it will include Moonraker and On Her Majesty's Secret Service, so Activision isn't shying from the goofier times in Bond's history. A sixth mission will be based on the upcoming Bond film, Skyfall.

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