Angry Birds updated with new levels, Retina support

The original Angry Birds has updated with 15 new stages, a set of power-ups, and Retina support for the HD version.


The mobile hit Angry Birds may have ventured into Space, but Rovio is still supporting the original game years later. A new update to the iPhone versions adds new stages, power-ups, and the long-awaited Retina display support.

Touch Arcade reports that the game now has 15 new levels in the "Surf and Turf" chapter, and four new power-ups. Super Seeds increase the size of the birds, King Sling makes the slingshot bigger and stronger, Sling Scope gives a guide for your shot, and the Birdquake shakes loose the structures so they're easier to knock down.

You can use each power-up once per level, and you get one random one for free per day. If you're impatient, you could also buy them. The HD version for iPad gets the Retina display support, so if you really want your kamikaze birds to look their sharpest, that's your best bet.

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