Lights, Camera, Party! coming to Move in August

Sony announced Lights, Camera, Party! today, a Move party game themed after TV shows.


Here's yet another collection of mini-games for your PlayStation Move controller. Lights, Camera, Party! is a TV show-themed party game that's due out on August 28.

The game promises 24 mini-games in the Story Mode, for four players across five rounds. Each round is modeled after a type of TV show like Cooking, News, or Sci-Fi. The other modes support up to eight players and feature 50 mini-games. It also requires just one Move controller, so you won't need to go out and buy a bunch of extras.

The game stars the unfortunately named Funzini family, who have a TV satellite crash into their living room. Rather than call the police or a lawyer, the Funzinis play a variety of mini games.

Developer Frima Studio tells the PlayStation.Blog that the studio's goal was to make the game fast, funny, and quick to set up. You can check the game out in its debut trailer.

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