Gears of War: Judgment coming March 19

Gears of War: Judgment will be coming out March 19 of next year.


People Can Fly's take on the Gears of War franchise will be ready on March 19th, Epic Games announced at San Diego Comic-Con. Gears of War: Judgment is a prequel to the original trilogy, and will star bromantic icons Damon Baird and Augustus Cole.

Judgment's story, written by Tom Bissell and Rob Auten, follows Baird, Cole, and Kilo Company as they try to survive in the city of Halvo Bay during the aftermath of the Locust attack on E-Day. Epic also revealed the Island map for Overrun multiplayer. The map is part of an archipelago off the coast of Halvo Bay, where the islands are connected by a series of bridges and tunnels, perfect for a multiplayer engagement.

Baird narrates the new Overrun tutorial video, explaining how to defend as a COG or attack as a Locust.

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