Journey Collector's Edition extras detailed

An ad has revealed the Journey Collector's Edition will include extras like mini-games, documentaries, and all three soundtracks.


If you're an avid thatgamecompany fan, the news of a Journey compilation may have been bittersweet. Sure, it would be nice to have all three games in one place, but if you already own those games, what's the point? What is shelling out some more money going to get you? Quite a bit, actually.

An advertisement in PlayStation: The Official Magazine (via OPM UK) reveals the extras for the "Journey Collector's Edition." Yes, that sounds more like a single game than a compilation, but bear with us. According to the ad, it will include all three games as suspected (flOw, Flower, and Journey), a trial of PlayStation Plus, all three soundtracks, exclusive mini-games, and documentaries. All in all, it sounds like quite the collection for aficionados of quiet, reflective game experiences.

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