Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor short film released

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor has gotten a live-action short film named "Gosha," directed by the man behind the classic Ghost in the Shell.


Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is due out tomorrow, but just in case you can't wait to hop in a VT and start blasting Uncles to tiny fiery bits, Capcom has released a live-action short film to sate your appetite. The movie only lasts about three minutes, but it comes from the well-known Japanese director behind the anime classic Ghost in the Shell.

Capcom announced the short from director Mamoru Oshii on the Capcom Unity Blog. It's titled Steel Battalion Heavy Armor: Gosha, and focuses on a VT pilot named Gosha and the conflict under her command. You can watch both the movie itself, and a little retrospective note from Oshii himself, below.

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