Dungeon Defenders not coming to Vita

After revealed the popular Dungeon Defenders running on the PS Vita early last year, developer Trendy Entertainment has backed off on the platform, allocating resources to a new project.


Trendy Entertainment's Dungeon Defenders made quite a splash when it released in October. The developer had hoped a handheld version would broaden the game's appeal when it showed a tech demo of the game off on the PS Vita earlier in 2011, but it appears the port is no longer going to happen.

In a post on its forums, Trendy Community Mananger Hitmonchan told the DD faithful: "While we believe the Vita is a very capable platform, we've decided to shelve the Vita port of the game. Many fans, including myself, would like to play Dungeon Defenders on the portable device, but ultimately, we've decided to divert those resources to other pursuits." He offered no details on what the new project might be, but promised details further down the road "would be worth the wait."

The game has been downloaded more than a million times since it released on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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