Dust 514 getting Vita companion app, PS Home beta access

CCP has announced a Vita companion app for the upcoming F2P game Dust 514, along with another way to get beta access.


CCP has announced further plans for the upcoming free-to-play game Dust 514, including a dedicated Vita companion app and more details on the PlayStation 3 beta test. The app is called Dust 514: Neocom, and it will let you customize your character and keep track of friends when you're away from the main game.

With Neocom, you can create and edit your load-outs to play in the game, access your Mail, and purchase new items, weapons, and vehicles using in-game or real currency. It will launch alongside the main game when it launches later this year.

The first beta event is scheduled to begin on Friday, June 29. Beta registrations are still open through the official site. If you'd like to take your shot at getting one from PlayStation Home, CCP has set up a Dust 514 Home Space. The first 10,000 visitors to the space are getting "All Access" beta keys, and the company promises more beta keys coming out of Home through the summer.

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