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Molyneux announces 22 Experiments, hints at next game

Peter Molyneux has revealed a series of small, experimental projects called "22 Experiments," which will pave the way for the first full-fledged game from his new indie studio 22 Cans.


Peter Molyneux has been hard at work setting up his new indie studio, 22 Cans. And while the well-known developer hasn't detailed the studio's first major project, he has revealed a series of experimental games that will be released digitally as the studio prepares its first full-fledged game. It's called, aptly enough, "22 Experiments."

"We've got 12 people now, and I'm trying to push this to 20 people as soon as possible," Molyneux told BeefJack at the Imperial College London's Games and Media Event. "And then we're directing all of our staff at the moment towards these things called 22 Experiments, which are 22 experiments that we will release digitally on the journey to the final product that we're going to make." The first of the experiments is due in "about six weeks," but didn't confirm release platforms.

Molyneux didn't detail any of the games or the final product they're driving towards, but his story-telling ambitions seem as big as ever. During his talk at the event, Molyneux expressed frustration with the blockbuster model. "When I put my son to bed at night, the best story I can tell is a story that I make up, and that's a story about his life," he said. "And he loves it. That's the story I want. I don't want another James Bond film, I don’t want another Avengers."

He did note, though, that people shouldn't take his comments too literally. "It's not a storybook called 'whatever your name is,'" he said. "It's a bit more subtle than that."

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