Infinity Blade 2 getting free 'Vault of Tears' update on Thursday

A free content update called 'Vault of Tears' is hitting Chair Entertainment's iOS hit sequel, Infinity Blade 2 this Thursday.


Chair Entertainment's Infinity Blade 2 is still one of the best looking games you can play on an iThing. If you haven't played in a while, Chair has announced a new content update, coming this Thursday. Called 'Vault of Tears,' the update will bring a significant amount of new gameplay and goodies, and is absolutely free.

One of the more curious-sounding features included in the 'Vault of Tears' update for Infinity Blade 2 is a social one. Apparently, friends will be able to assist players of the game simply by liking and re-tweeting battle calls the player shares in-game. "Building upon the cooperative ClashMob challenges, players can now earn extra turns and invite their friends, family, and other non-Infinity Blade players to do in-game damage with the power of liking and re-tweeting battle calls – something that hasn't been done before," states the press release.

As far as the actual 'Vault of Tears' content goes, there's actually a pretty significant amount. The update will unlock new areas in the game, and add a new Treasure Map feature that will let players discover secret items, and a 'hidden ally.' Those looking for loot will also be happy to note that more than fifty new pieces of gear--ranging from weapons to rings--are also being added.

Of course, Infinity Blade is really all about battling imposing-looking enemies. Expect to find new foes like the "Moss Golem, Dark Fiend, Bog Giant, and Acolyte," inhabiting the world of Infinity Blade 2 when the free update launches later this week.

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