Activision trademarks, acquires domain for 'The Blast Furnace'

Activision has filed a trademark and obtained a domain name for "The Blast Furnace."


Activision has made a few moves pointing toward a new game property in the last few weeks. The company has filed a trademark application for a game called "The Blast Furnace," and only a day later appears to have acquired the domain name as well.

Fusible reports that the trademark application was filed on April 18, and covers "computer game software" and an "on-line computer game." On April 19, DomainNameSales reported a sale of "" to Activision from a domain investor.

None of this brings us closer to knowing what "The Blast Furnace" actually is, but Activision has moved all the pieces in place for an announcement. We expect to hear more soon, possibly at E3.

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