WoW players get instant restoration of lost items

Ever accidentally deleted or disenchanted an item in World of Warcraft? A new Blizzard policy no longer makes it a headache to get it back. Just don;t do it more than once a month.


Usually when preparing for a raid in World of Warcraft, I'd disenchant a bunch of items to get enchants ready for any new gear I won. Every once in a while, I'd get sidetracked and come back to DE a vital piece of epic gear instead of the trash I had intended. Panic usually ensued.

Now, Blizzard has instituted a new restoration policy that makes submitting a ticket for that problem obsolete. The policy allows players use the item restoration service to get back any item that they may have sold, disenchanted or destroyed by mistake. The service, operated through a web interface, will return the item through in-game mail almost instantly. The hitch is you can only make one request per account every 30 days.

Be advised if you want to game the system (as some players like to do): If you DE an item and request it restored, Blizzard will review the situation first. So if you deliberately junk an item for enchant materials, then create your enchants, you will not get your item back. Materials received from a DE (or gold received through a sale) will be removed from your inventory.

I guess the key takeaway here is I can now afford to get distracted once a month before raids.

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