Google tips hat to StarCraft with 'Zerg Rush'

Google has updated with a clever easter egg search for StarCraft fans: "zerg rush."


Because everyone needs a little levity on a Friday, Google has produced a bit of zany fun for PC gamers. The search giant has paid tribute to one piece of StarCraft strategy that even non-players probably know by now: the infamous zerg rush.

Doing a search for "zerg rush" leads to a predictable end for your browser page, before you can even fortify it with a few marines. Google has been making these easter egg searches for quite a while, from subtle ones like "askew" to more explicitly nerdy ones like "do a barrel roll."

Somewhere in the deep recesses of the Google compound, this is someone's actual job. They get paid for it, and given that it's Google, they probably get paid pretty well. If that doesn't make your cubicle feel small, nothing will.

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