'Empire' Facebook game chronicles Jay-Z's life

Jay-Z has used his media empire to launch his own Facebook game, about (what else?) how he built his media empire.


Facebook games run the gamut from annoying click-fests to somewhat less annoying click-fests, but most don't attempt to be set in the documentary style. A new Facebook game called "Empire" changes that by loosely chronicling the life and times of one Shawn Carter. Better known as Jay-Z.

You don't technically play as Jay-Z himself in the game (via Mashable), but rather as your created character. You do make a strikingly similar progression up the hip-hop ladder, using money and street cred earned from rap battles to get into hot spots. Eventually you can start opening your own business to build the titular empire, and presumably, marry Beyonce.

It may not be the most revolutionary game, but it will probably get a decent amount of play time based on the name brand alone. Hopefully the game's end point is to create a media empire large enough to launch your own Facebook game.

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