Rift 'Infernal Dawn' update goes live

Rift has updated to version 1.8, bringing a new raid, world event, trade skills, and a guild finder.


The MMORPG Rift has now updated to version 1.8 with the "Infernal Dawn" update. The update brings new trade skills, a world event, and refined usability features, among other tweaks. The centerpiece of the update is the titular Infernal Dawn raid, pitting you and 19 of your closest Rift friends against seven tough bosses.

Other features promised in the update include Fishing and Survival skills to catch and cook your own food, because if you teach a man to fake-fish and fake-cook he will get gameplay buffs. You can teleport to Ember Isle for an Instant Adventure, or go against the cults in the Infernal Dawn world event. Finally, if you've had trouble finding a guild, a new appropriately named Guild Finder feature should help you out.

Many of these features were hinted at when Trion Worlds celebrated the anniversary of the game. It's free-to-play to level 20, but for obvious reasons much of this tougher raid content will be way out of your range unless you pay up.

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