Star Trek's Q to lend voice to Quantum Conundrum

John de Lancie will be adding his voice to Square Enix's upcoming Quantum Conundrum


If he wasn't irritating Captain Picard on the USS Enterprise, he was causing mischief in other dimensions or different parts of the galaxy. His pompous arrogance is what made John de Lancie's Q character such a wonderful foil for Patrick Stewart's reserved Jean Luc in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Now, de Lancie is part of a new project, lending his voice to the upcoming Quantum Conundrum, from Portal co-creator Kim Swift and Airtight Games. De Lancie will play Professor Fitz Quadwrangle, who is lost in another dimension. The character is described by publisher Square Enix as brilliant and eccentric, common attributes for Q in Star Trek.

"The professor's character is funny, a bit bizarre, and a great joy to perform," de Lancie said. "If players have half as much fun with the game as I did playing the character, then they'll be having a great time."

Quantum Conundrum will be coming via download to PC, Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network sometime this summer. Be sure to check out Garnett's preview of the game.

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