Epic Mickey 2 coming to PC, Mac

Epic Mickey 2 will also be available for PC and Mac, Junction Point head Warren Spector has revealed.


Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two has added two more platforms to its line-up: the PC and Mac. The console development is split between two teams -- Junction Point on the Wii version, and Blitz Games for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A separate game, Power of Illusion, is coming to the 3DS from developer Dreamrift.

Junction Point head Warren Spector confirmed the PC and Mac versions to Eurogamer, but didn't specify which team is working on them. He did talk about his studio structure, which is spread out around the world. "We have an enormous virtual team," he said. "It's not outsourcing. I've got to be clear about that. We have people in the UK actually building levels for us, under our direction. We talk to them every day. We drive all the creative, but we have an enormous virtual team."

And that speaks to the scope of the project. Between both console developers, Dreamrift for the handheld game, marketing, support, voice work, and cinematics makers, Spector says that "probably 800 people" are working on Epic Mickey in some capacity.

Check out our preview for more details about Mickey's epic sequel.

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