Anna trailer teases Alpine adventure game chills

Italian indie developer Dreampainters has lifted the wraps off its spooky PC adventure game Anna, a short tale set in an Alpine valley, based on local folklore and real-world locations.


If you're sick of dusty Middle Eastern cities, space stations, and barren wastelands, consider a trip to the Alps in spooky PC adventure game Anna. Italian indie developer Dreampainters has released its first trailer, showing a little of the chiller based on real-world locations and folklore.

Local legend has it that an old sawmill near Champoluc in Italy is haunted by the wife and children of a lumberjack who murdered them in a fit of jealousy, and they reappear during storms. Guess where you'll be going in Anna! Dreampainters explains, "The plot follows an authentic folklore tale, directly recorded by us first hand from several village elders and historical documents alike."

The first-person adventure game will have you poking around the sawmill and its mysteries, solving puzzles and uncovering clues. Your actions will impact your mental health, moving you down one of three paths to three different endings.

Dreampainters is shooting for three hours of gameplay, noting Anna will bear a "budget price tag."

Here's the first trailer for Anna, and do check out the official site for more.

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