Double Fine's Kickstarter fund ends as a huge success

Double Fine's Kickstarter adventure came to a close as a rousing success.


Update: 7:15 p.m. with Double Fine web site comment and Schafer tweet.

Slightly more than a month in the making, Double Fine's Kickstarter adventure came to a close as a rousing success. The final tally of the company's fan-funded campaign had more than 87,000 backers who donated $3,335,371 by the time it ended at 8 p.m. EDT today.

A live stream broadcast from the company offices followed the final two hours of the campiagn, Company chief Tim Schafer posting a pic of the anxious team as the close of the campaign neared. After the final seconds had ticked off, congratulations to Schafer and Double Fine poured in via Twitter and Facebook.

The campaign culminates a process that began Feb. 8 with Schafer only looking for a mere $400,000 to fund a new adventure game. In the end, they surpassed that goal by more than 800 percent.

The Double Fine web site updated with the success:

"Holy cow people, I can't even believe it. I don't know what to say. Except THANK YOU!! People are mailing in congratulations to us, but I really have to say congratulations to all the backers because you really sent a message around the industry! And you really made your voices heard loud and clear!

"We'll put up more information soon about what the next steps are. There are some things we have to wait for — The whole kickstarter/amazon machinery still has to grind and churn for another week or so. Then backer forums will be set up and we’ll be sending out surveys to get everyone's mailing addresses, etc.

"We will do a video update to the backers tomorrow with more information! For now there's nothing to do but sit back and marvel at what a bunch of regular people can accomplish if they get organized!"

Schafer tweeted: "Thank you backers and watchers and lovers and haters and everyone!"

With the success of this one campaign, more companies are trying to follow in its footsteps. InXile has also started a fund-drive looking for $900,000 to fund Wasteland 2, and was almost half-way to its goal with more than $400,000 collected with 34 days left.

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