Mario Tennis Open hits 3DS on May 20

Mario Tennis Open will be available on the 3DS on May 20th, sporting online matchmaking and touch screen controls.

The previously-teased Mario Tennis game for 3DS now has a title and a date. Mario Tennis Open will be available on May 20th. The latest iteration of the long-running sports franchise is being developed (once again) by Camelot, the team responsible for the original Mario Tennis on N64. The 3DS version includes gyroscopic support, so you can "look" around the court by moving the system. There's also touch screen controls for gamers that are new to the franchise, or can't be bothered to press the system's face buttons:

The bottom screen shows all the possible moves

In addition to local multiplayer support, Mario Tennis Open is the first in the franchise to offer online multiplayer for up to four players. You'll be able to play safely with friends, or venture out into open matches. Nintendo promises to offer some form of matchmaking, so that you will play against similarly skilled players.

Andrew Yoon was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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