Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution launches on Facebook

Adult Swim Games has released "Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution" on Facebook, an update of the popular game that adds leaderboards, daily challenges, new power-ups, and surprise animals.


Adult Swim Games has launched a new version of Robot Unicorn Attack on Facebook, dubbed Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution. The title includes a host of social features like leaderboards, daily challenges, and gifting, and brings microtransactions into the mix as well.

You can purchase "Fairy Dust" for enhancements, power-ups, and your daily challenges, or gift some dust to friends. Enhancements boost your abilities, and you can equip three at a time for ability bonuses. Some of the new abilities include the Triple Jump, Glide, Leisurely to slow the game, Danger Close for warning of the next star, and Combo Continuer to allow you to miss a star. Meanwhile the game offers a host of new animals like the panda or wolf, and the Freevolution ability lets you start the game as an alt-creature.

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution is already available on Facebook, so nothing is stopping you from trying it out yourself now.

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