Warp arrives one month late on PC and PS3

Warp, the game kicking off Xbox Live Arcade's House Party promotion, will hit PC and PlayStation Network a month later, on March 13.


Warp is part of the Xbox Live Arcade House Party this year and, as usual, that affords Microsoft a window of exclusivity. Developer Trapdoor has announced that the game will hit PC and PlayStation Network on March 13, almost a full month after its February 15 XBLA date.

The game will cost $9.99 across both platforms. The game follows the exploits of Zero, an orange alien attempting to escape a research facility. You can wreak bloody havoc on the facility staff, or sneak your way through the puzzles and challenge rooms stealthily.

"Warp delivers an experience that is unique, original and allows gamers to defy the traditional rules of videogames, letting them play the game their way," said Trapdoor founder Ken Schachter, in the announcement. "We are very proud of what we've been able to accomplish and hope players embrace it as well."

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