Syndicate 4-player co-op demo coming late January

Syndicate will launch its co-op demo on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace later this month, and publisher EA has shared some details on the included mission.


Syndicate is launching in February, but you'll have a chance to preview it alongside friends later this month with a co-op demo. It features one full mission, putting players in the shoes of Wulf Western. The goal is to infiltrate a competing syndicate, Cayman Global. Once there, you'll have to assassinate Colonel Enrico Gabron, steal some blueprints, and high-tail it back across the Atlantic with his people in tow.

The announcement promises this is one of nine co-op missions from the game, which makes it a pretty meaty chunk of content for a demo. It will only be available for a "limited time" on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace, so grab it once it goes up.

The team at Starbreeze gave themselves a tight deadline by staking a release so close to its announcement, but our own preview experience seemed positive. EA recently showed off a co-op trailer, so check it out below.

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