Free Nitronic Rush updates add six new tracks

DigiPen's Team Nitronic released a couple of free updates for their survival-racing game Nitronic Rush over the holidays, which include new tracks, tweaks, and fixes.

In the cacophony of the holiday and new year madness, one of cooler indie tidbits to slip past my radar was the release of two free expansion-updates for Nitronic Rush, the incredibly cool survival-racing game from indie developers Team Nitronic at the DigiPen Institute of Technology. Six new tracks, including two designed by fan Pixelmann and a Christmas-themed stunt level--along with some minor tweaks and bug-fixes--make the updates well worth downloading. Of course, if you haven't tried Nitronic Rush yet, there's no better time than the present to check out the unique, neon racer. The first (and largest) of the two updates--released back in December--includes five of the six new tracks (save for the Christmas Court stunt track). New challenge levels "ChooChoo Chase" and "Empire Climb" are joined by the "Neon Skateway" stunt-mode track, and the community made levels "Ruby" and "Calcite." The second update, released on Christmas, added the aforementioned holiday-themed stunt track, tweaked a couple of existing levels, and added a patching system to the game to make future updates a bit easier.

Feast your eyes on 'Neon Skateway,' a new Stunt-mode map.

In the meantime, those interested in the free content just need to grab the latest installer for the game, uninstall the old version, and install the updated version. Team Nitronic claims that saved games and vehicle ghosts should still be available once you've updated. To make things even simpler, the second of the two updates includes the content in the first update as well, meaning you won't have to download both. I also featured Nitronic Rush as part of the "Indie Jeff's Weekly Pick" series on Shacknews, where you can check out for more information and impressions of the neon-soaked stunt racer. The most recently updated version of Nitronic Rush can be grabbed directly from the developer's website.
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