Indie Royale New Year's Bundle now available

A brand new package of four indie games has arrived by way of the Indie Royale New Year's Bundle, available at "pay the minimum or more" pricing scheme.


The folks at Indie Royale are at it again, delivering their first bundle of 2012. Appropriately titled The New Year's Bundle, it packages together four great indie games from an eclectic mix of genres, and uses the consumer-beloved "pay the minimum or more" pricing model that's become so popular in the indie bundling world.

The New Year's Bundle includes Interwave Studios' Nuclear Dawn, the FPS-RTS hybrid where players can shoot it out on the ground using several different classes, or take on the role of commander to provide tactical support for your teammates. Cipher Prime's excellent and unique tile-based puzzler, Fractal is also on board, as is Press Play's Max and the Magic Marker.

Max and the Magic Marker actually includes two versions. The standard edition is playable via Steam, digital download service Desura, or as a DRM-free download. A high-definition version of the game is also included, which includes a different level-structure, updated graphics, and is available for PC and Mac via Desura.

The fourth game in the bundle marks the debut of RadianGames' Super Crossfire, which is available as a download for PC, Mac, and can also be grabbed via Desura. Previously exclusive to Xbox Live Indie Games and iOS, PC and Mac gamers can now experience a game from one of the better developers to peddle its wares on XBLIG. Think of it as a re-invented, high-octane version of Space Invaders. As a big fan of RadianGames' modern takes on classic arcade action (wrapped in glowing, neon awesomeness), I can only hope that this means the developer might be bringing more of its stable of games to PC and Mac. Check out the trailer below to see the PC/Mac version in action.

In short, the New Year's Bundle serves up another batch of really good indie titles for an undeniable bargain, and I recommend hitting up the Indie Royale site and snapping it up, posthaste. Those who opt to pay more than the current minimum price will also get a free copy of "George & Jonathan's 'Beautiful Lifestyle' funky chiptune album." It's the icing on an already pretty sweet cake, if you ask me.

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