Buffy and Firefly MMO studio closes

Multiverse, the developer behind the Buffy and Firefly MMOs, has closed due to lack of funding.


Multiverse, a developer that had previously announced plans for MMOs based on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, has closed. The company cites the inability to achieve a "profitable business model," and closed up shop in December.

The announcement touts the Multiverse Platform, which launched in 2006, and was meant to help developers create cheaper open worlds. The company released a few sample Facebook games in 2008, and a tie-in promotional game for the movie Avatar in 2009. The company announced the Firefly MMO in 2006, then delayed it in favor of a Buffy MMO in 2008, but neither project was released. A SourceForge project has been created to continue the Multiverse Platform.

If you still want to don your Browncoat in game form, Ten Ton Hammer reports that developer DarkCryo is still at work on Firefly Universe Online.

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