Mario Party 9 modes and boss battles detailed

Nintendo has given more details on the upcoming Mario Party 9, including boss fights and the new mini-game mode.


Another Mario Party is on the way, and Nintendo is adding a few new modes and options to the mix. The company has detailed the boss fights, party traveling, and mini-game mode of Mario Party 9.

Mario Party 9 adds boss battles against the likes of Bowser and King Boo. Players will have to work together to defeat them, while also minding their own individual scores to come out on top.

A mini-game mode will also be included, intended for short bursts of play or to practice. According to a Best Buy product page and Nintendo page (via MTV), the mode includes extra games, like Goomba Bowling and Castle Clearout. You can also travel with your party in vehicles like a flying carpet and submarine.

Mario Party is one of Nintendo's longest-running franchises. With Wii releases slowing to a crawl, this will be one of Nintendo's first-party swan songs for the aging device before the Wii U launch. The game is slated to release on March 11.

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