Little Big Adventure team wants community input for future releases

The team behind the original Little Big Adventure is working on a remake of the game, and says the impressive fan content from the first game has made them want more community involvement going forward as well.


The team behind the original 1990s classic Little Big Adventure is working on a remake among assorted other projects. Thanks to the active fan scene, the game has enjoyed a long shelf life, and the team says they'd like more community involvement in their future projects.

In a fan Q&A session on Good Old Games, the trio of Frédérick Raynal, Sébastien Viannay, Didier Chanfray give collective answers. "We were often very impressed [by fan content]," they said. "The amount of work done and your fidelity keep us excited and thankful. So, we definitely want to involve the LBA community in our future work."

That may also be because even fans who didn't create content gave valuable feedback on problems with the first game. "Criticisms helped us to improve some mistakes from the first opus," they said. "Some of these mistakes were done on purpose: LBA1 was planned also for the SNES, so we tried to keep the advantage of not worrying about the saving system for the PC. As we said above, we wanted to have a human like behavior in all situations, and you don’t run into your houses. But OK, this was wrong for the gameplay, that’s why LBAWin tried to fix that kind of players' feedbacks."

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