Modern Warfare 3 adding user-created modes to public playlists

Modern Warfare 3 will begin adding hand-picked versions of user-made game modes to the public playlists sometime in the coming weeks.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will begin including player-created game modes to the public playlists "in the coming weeks," according to Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling. These will be slightly modified from the user-created originals, but they're due as a little holiday bonus for fans.

"Since we have such advanced private match options, we've been noticing a lot of user-created game modes, that in the coming weeks, we're going to be adding to the public playlists in multiplayer," Bowling told G4. "We're going to be adding some in for the holiday, brand new modes that the users created, that we adapted, made more polished, and are putting into the game."

Bowling didn't offer more specifics on which user-created modes might make the cut, but it's good to know Infinity Ward is personally cultivating the best content. The team probably had plenty to pick from, considering the game has sold like hotcakes.

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