American McGee's BigHead Bash for Facebook is a toy-driven shooter

American McGee's studio Spicy Horse has announced BigHead Bash, a 2D multiplayer shooter for social platforms like Facebook that employs virtual toy-collecting.


American McGee has revealed the next game being developed at his studio Spicy Horse, and to say it's a departure from his previous titles (Alice: Madness Returns) is a bit of an understatement. The game is called BigHead Bash, and it's a 2D, multiplayer, platform-shooter that infuses a virtual-world merchandising component. It's also not a traditional console or PC title, and is being made for Facebook and other social platforms.

As you can tell from the gameplay trailer below, BigHead Bash looks quite similar to games like Small Arms, and focuses on the chaos of running and jumping around while blasting opponents with a variety of different weapons. New content--in the form of extra character skins, weapons and mascots--will be purchasable with real-world cash.

(via Siliconera)

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