Katamari Damacy Vita DLC can be earned free

Touch My Katamari will include DLC purchased by an in-game currency that can be either found or bought.


Remember back before the advent of downloadable content, when unlocking extra missions or modes was just a matter of picking up collectibles? Touch My Katamari for the PlayStation Vita will let you access content the good old-fashioned way. Of course, if you'd rather buy it, they'll let you do that too.

The latest Famitsu (via Andriasang) reports that extra missions and song packs will be unlockable through an in-game currency called "Fan Spirits." You can find these spirits laying around the world, and 10 of them will unlock DLC for free. If you'd rather skip that step and pay, you can buy Fan Spirits in denominations of 1 (50 yen), 3 (130 yen), or 5 (200 yen). The most expensive package translates to about $2.50, so simply finding ten Fan Spirits would save you five bucks.

Download missions include Snowman, due in Japan on December 17, in which you build a four meter snowball, and Shopping, which has you picking up the most expensive goods. It's Supermarket Sweep meets Katamari. All of this news relates specifically to Japan, but since it's built into the game it seems doubtful that it would be changed for the domestic release.

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