Putty Squad returning as Vita launch game in Europe

System 3 announced Putty Squad will be a launch game for the PlayStation Vita in Europe. This marks the 20th anniversary of the series, and the game has been revamped with new visuals and Vita features.


System 3 announced today that the classic platformer Putty Squad is making a return on the PlayStation Vita next year, as launch title for the handheld's release in Europe. North American release plans haven't been disclosed, but the revival marks the series 20th anniversary. The announcement seems to indicate the release is more of a remake than a sequel.

All of the visuals are being redrawn for this iteration, and System 3 is adding Vita features like location-based unlockables and use of the front and rear touch panels. The location features will unlock new stages, and more will come every few weeks as downloadable content, bringing the grand level total up to almost double the original game. Plus, creators Mark Cale and John Twiddy have tweaked the game to fine-tune the platforming.

This version will also add a Game Share feature, which lets up to four people play tournaments, versus, or Team Play. Only one person needs to own the game to share it, and other Vita owners try it and then be given the option to buy through PSN.

Putty Squad is one of the odd bits of history from video games. Originally planned for the Amiga 1200, it was completed to the point that even review copies were given out. Reviews were positive, but the company scrapped the game. An SNES port was released, but Genesis and PC ports were canceled as well. If you missed it the first time around, this seems like a nice way to play a game that received critical acclaim.


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