Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC costumes revealed; $20 for all

Capcom has revealed its DLC schedule and pricing for alternate Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 costumes.


Though the first downloadable costume pack for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 isn't due out until November 22, Capcom has revealed the corresponding planned DLC schedule. Each DLC pack, which generally contain four alternate costumes, will cost $4 (320 Microsoft Points). But, you'll be able to get all 48 costumes in a "Value Pack" for $20.

The official Capcom blog notes that these new DLC skins are "in addition to the existing MvC3 costumes for Ryu, Chris, Dante, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man, plus if you buy the DLC characters Jill or Shuma Gorath you get their alternate costumes for free." Furthermore, "all of that content transfers over from MvC3 to UMvC3, so no, you don't have to buy the content again."

It's worth noting that the schedule puts fans who are interested in buying all of the DLC costumes in a bind. On the one hand, buying everything all at once costs $20 instead of the $40 one would pay buying them as they released. On the other hand, it appears that those fans will have to wait until March 6 to take advantage of that 50% savings, long after many of the costumes have already been available. It seems like this would be a perfect application of some sort of "Season pass" so that rabid fans could buy everything up front, and then just have it unlock as the release dates roll out.

All this aside, the DLC packs are cosmetic in nature, so your mileage may vary.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 costume DLC schedule:

  • Nov 22 - Rising Dead Pack (Jean Grey, Ghost Rider, Frank West, Nemesis)

  • Dec 06 - Evil Twin Pack (Spider-Man, Deadpool, Hsien-Ko, Vergil)

  • Dec 20 - Ancient Warrior Pack (Hulk, Magneto, Arthur, Firebrand)

  • Jan 10 - Brawler Pack (Iron Fist, She-Hulk, Haggar, Spencer)

  • Jan 17 - Femme Fatale Pack (Storm, X-23, Morrigan, Chun Li)

  • Jan 17 - Villain Pack (MODOK, Super Skrull, C Viper, Wesker)

  • Jan 17 - New Age of Heroes Pack (Dr. Doom, Sentinel, Strider, Akuma)

  • Jan 24 - Animal Pack (Wolverine, Rocket Raccoon, Amaterasu, Felicia)

  • Feb 07 - Weapon Expert Pack (Taskmaster, Hawkeye, Zero, Trish)

  • Feb 21 - Viewtiful Strange Pack (Dr Strange, Dormammu, Viewtiful Joe, Phoenix Wright, Tron)

  • Mar 06 - Value Pack (All 48 costumes for $20.00 / 1600 MSP)

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