Where is my Heart coming to PSP/PS3, free for Plus members

Where is my Heart? is the debut game from indie dev Die Gute Fabrik, and will be available for free to PlayStation Plus members next week.


Where is my Heart? It's a title that draws attention. This debut game from indie dev Die Gute Fabrik is coming to the PlayStation Minis program, and its novel gameplay has us quite intrigued.

The platformer offers a rather interesting visual twist, breaking the frame into multiple pieces. Why? "I was interested in expressing the sense of being lost and without orientation via pure game mechanics," game designer Bernie Schulenburg explained.

The game is inspired by a trip to the woods, where Schulenburg and his parents got lost in the woods. "Here were three hurt children-at-heart, unable to understand each other and unable to break out of their predicament," he described. "This game is basically a clumsy attempt to come to an understanding of myself and my family."

In Where is my Heart?, you control three monsters that go on an adventure, and eventually try to make their way back home. Things aren't quite straightforward, of course. The image on screen is broken up and rearranged, adding an immediate layer of confusion. Not quite clear what that means? The game's debut trailer should help clear things up:

The premise alone has us intrigued, but a launch promotion will make it easy to get. The game will be available on November 8th as part of the PlayStation Plus membership. Everyone else will be able to buy the game off the PlayStation Store on November 22nd for $6.99. As a Mini, it will work on both the PS3 and PSP.

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