Jak & Daxter HD Collection spotted

A South African retailer may have spilled the beans on a Jak & Daxter HD Collection coming early next year.


Sony may be adding another series to its growing list of HD collections, according to one small retailer that seems to have spilled the beans early. If the report is accurate, we'll see Jak and Daxter titles compiled for a collection in early 2012. The PS2-era mascots would make sense for Sony's next compilation, even if details are more than a little thin so far.

The purported leak comes from South African retailer BT Games (via Eurogamer). The site lists the game for January 20, 2012, but it hasn't even received a formal announcement yet. Shacknews has contacted Sony regarding the rumor.

If the collection is legitimate, we'd expect it to include the three PS2 console games -- Jak and Daxter, Jak 2, and Jak 3. If Sony is feeling generous, it could throw in one or both of the PSP games, or Jak X: Combat Racing, but the collections so far seem mostly focused on trilogies.

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